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        Facesitting with Mistress Serena!

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        Mistress Jamie-Kates likes to sit on the face of her slave today.

        She wears a tight pink jeans and her slave is captured in a smotherbox.

        He cant escape and Mistress Jamie-Kate has so much fun to humiliate this loser under her ass!

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        Sexy Mistress Rayana loves facesitting and today she likes to sit in her hot lingerie on her slaves face!

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        Mistress July loves female domination.

        She wears a really tight jeans and now she wants to sit on her slaves face!

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        Lady Sue likes to torture her slave today with hard facesitting in tight jeans.

        Theres no escape for the slave and Lady Sue sits hard on his face. Yes – this hurts very much but Lady Sue dont care about it.

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        Fetish Mistress Aileen Taylor forced her slave to sniff her ass now.

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        Dominatrix Luciana likes facesitting and forced her slave to be her human seat right now.

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        Fullweight Facesitting!


        Facesitting Dominatrix – she likes to sit for a long time now



        Mistress Crazy Ass overpowers Pleasureseat and punishes him with smothering fullweight facesitting. When he is allowed to breathe he must sniff her royal ass !!!

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        Beauty Daidra shows him what a looser he is! For her just sports but he learns how bad boys are treated LOL – She presses her hot butt on his face working so that his nose might break if it would not have so much support with her ass cheeks, grin. Then she tortures him rubbing her crotch at his face and smothering him with her hot ass!

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