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        Princess G is your new mistress and you are totaly addicted to her leather body suit and Casadei boots! You can smell the leather?

        You cant resist her!

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        You was born as a slave so you have to obey a Mistress! You have to obey Mistress Amanda Rey! She is your spanish temptation! She is the women you have to serve for the rest of your life!

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        Thats all your good for old man…. your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Why else do you think a hot, seductive, blonde like myself would talk to you??? You buy Me everything I want, whenever I want. Working your whole entire life to give it all to Me!

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        A slave made a special request to this young mistress Zoe. He wants to be her seating cushion and feel her ass on his face. The slave brought 100 Euro and he hands them over to his new mistress immediately. Zoe sits down on his face quickly and presses her butt on his nose – only sometimes she lets him breathe for a few seconds. Zoe is a real professional when it comes to facesitting. But then? The slave can’t take it anymore? Well, that’s bad luck as Zoe will go for the full round – he gets what he paid for!

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        Danielle called round her real life Admin Bitch and is incredibly pissed off at his recent slacking. It is not only time for permanent chastity, it is also time that HE is completely broken down into a fully subservient SHE. The new Maid is kicked, spanked, slapped and spat on. It does not take long for this absolute Goddess to adjust his mind to this new way of life!

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