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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        From now on your are Amandas Foot Slave!

        So go on your knees and start to lick her wonderfull feet at www.AMANDA-REY.com

        Forced by two mistresses to lick her dirty shoes and heels and then as a punishment the girls kicking hard in the slaves face!

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        Mistress Melena is your Fetish Mistress.

        She likes her boots very well but she dont like it when they are dirty.

        So she ordered you to lick her boots. Lick all the dirt and swallow it.

        Suck them and be a good bootslave for this russian mistress !!!

        Lick her feet now

        Princess Melena has also her own website: Princess-Melena.com

        Are you ready for female domination and footfetish ?

        Mistress Mercedes likes when you sniff her dirty stinky feet.

        Look at her slave. Its a loser or ? He must sniff her stinky feet and worship her feet a long time.

        Mercedes from Sado-Girls Femdom

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        From now on you are Princess Jennys Footslave.

        Jenny enjoys it to see when you lick her dirty boots.

        Shes the perfect Femdom Mistress for you and whil transform you to a perfect bootlicker !!!

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        This clip is for all you ballbusting lovers that enjoy seeing HOT girls kicking guys in the nuts WITH the Pants left on & also for those people in countries that don’t allow nudity – ENJOY!!.. This is a small compilation made from some different scenes… FIRST Megan & Angelina kick + knee this poor loser’s nuts to a total pulp!!.. Both Goddesses are wearing some SEXY platform wedges & Angelina kicks him in the balls so MANY times in a Row – You’ll wonder IF he has Anything even left between his legs!!!.. Then Megan & Summer SMASH his scrotum beyond repair!!.. Summer seems to really enjoy using those long SEXY Legs of hers – slamming her HARD knee into his nuts at Full Force while Megan seems to really enjoy scrambling his eggs with her SEXY platform wedges & kicks him square in the gonads as HARD as she can!!!.. In the Last Scene – Check out the SUPER SEXY strappy high heel sandals that Goddess Paige is wearing!!.. Paige kicks him right in the nuts so HARD with them!!!.. Sometimes she EVEN catches his nads with her sharp high heel – Paige practically neuters his nuts with her sexy high heel sandals!!!

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        His face, my carpet. I like to be up ??

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        Meet Goddess Alyssa’s sister Ariana. She’s a total BITCH!

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        Hot Girls are used to getting Their asses smooched & Their smooth ass cracks licked – just ask Promo Models Shannon & Nicole.

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        Gina.. a ultra sexybomb..forces to sniff her SWEAT after WORK OUT…. ooooohhhh…SO SEXY and GREAT…. ASS, SOCKS, SHOES, BARE FEET, OTH ARMPITS…….i want it all

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