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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        Mistress Amanda Rey likes it to fuck your brain!

        You will jerk off your dick very hard for Amanda but she will really fuck your brain on a hyptnotic way!

        Your way to be her pay pig and slave!

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        As a “Jerseyist” you must learn to live with LESS…you must sacrifice your stupid wants and needs for ME…you don’t matter, and you never will…in this video I will discuss a few basic sacrifices for my money slaves. ALL OF MY SLAVES MUST BUY THIS VIDEO! That is NOT an option…

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        Thats all your good for old man…. your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Why else do you think a hot, seductive, blonde like myself would talk to you??? You buy Me everything I want, whenever I want. Working your whole entire life to give it all to Me!

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        We both know I only stuck around for the money and finding out about your recent heart condition has just given me an idea! I come into the bedroom in my robe, slowly remove it and begin teasing you….All this excitement has made your heart race and you begin gasping for air. “Whats wrong? Is your heart acting up??” You cant handle it as I remove more and more clothing, leaving you to suffer and di*e! Hey at least you got to see what you have longed for- my perfect body! And me? I get to walk away with everything you own!!!

        (female domination / financial domination)

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        Your performance at work is dropping DAILY. Mr. Small. You can?t stop staring at all the short skirted hotties, the nylon-clad secretaries, and the spiked heels and low-cut tops that walk past your little cubicle all day long. Well your boss, Mrs. Nutcrack has had enough and she?s sent you for a MANDATORY cleansing, I mean, counseling, session? Meet your new hypno-therapist, Dr. SAMANTHA RYAN!! She specializes in sexual PERVERSIONS, and is well-equipped to deal with creeps and dweebs like you who girls find repulsive. She?s has a PERMANENT cure! First she HYPNOTIZES you into the deepest stupor you can imagine ?you?re losing your power? you?re losing your power?, then with a snap of her fingers, she ?CONTROLS you, COMPLETELY!?. Then the fun really begins, as Dr. Samantha orders you to your knees and makes you wank your pathetic dick looking at her legs, while she reads comments from your female co-workers who find you ?disgusting!? Her form of therapy is completely unorthodox, but you comply as she snaps photos of you ?for the girls in the office to LAUGH at?, and berates you for being such a despicable pervert. Once she?s weakened and humiliated you sufficiently, she unleashes her new PROGRAM. You?re forced to repeat emasculating sentences, as she implants suggestion after suggestion to turn you into what you are at core ? a disgusting, repulsive, MASTURBATOR, addicted to porn and girls you can?t have!! By the time you leave her office, you?re no longer a nuisance to any women LOL! Pay for your treatment, loser, and get FIXED! Need more therapy, loserdick? Of course you do! Check out Goddess Jenna Presley’s approach to cuckolded DUMPED losers like yourself!

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