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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        Mistress Sara is a real strict mistress!

        She likes to punish her slave with a crop!

        Blows rained upon him.

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        Hot Girls are used to getting Their asses smooched & Their smooth ass cracks licked – just ask Promo Models Shannon & Nicole.

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        ***WARNING: CONTAINS HARD BALLKCKING*** Cruel Lesbian Bitches Jenna & Krista found a smelly-ass-eating perv who scraped enough money to score a session w/the Princesses. he was so turned on by Their perfect, young smelly asses that he kept calling Princess Krista “baby” which pissed Them off bigtime. They made him understand NO ONE calls Them “baby” except each other! i was filming & thought a fight was going to break out! Luckily one didn’t and the loser took everything They gave him including some repeatedly HARD kicks to his nuts. The worst part wasn’t even the ballbusting, it was Princess Jenna laughing sadistically at this poor guy’s plight. They’re not faked either, only download this if you have a strong stomach & enjoy watching cruel, heartless Bitches make a guy whimper in pain. Bonus interview at the end featuring the Lesbian Goddesses discussing the power rush They achieved from this session & verbally tearing into this dude, saying he can’t have offsprings after that haha. i can’t believe the poor guy had to pay for that. i actually felt badly for this guy since Krista wouldn’t let up on him. This is not for people with casual Femdom curiosities or foot fetishes, only hardcore masochists & lovers of Lesbian World Domination!

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        Another slave of the sister’s stable is going to serve them now. They start by trampling him. Jane’s wearing sexy high heel boots and Layla put on her shiny black high heels for this session. He has to lick their shoes clean while the other one tramples him viciously. Sometimes they even trample him together and make him lick their shoes while standing on him. When Layla takes her shoes off and tramples the slave’s head Jane steps right on his balls. The sharp heel digs deep into his leg while the sole of the boot squeezes his balls! But even that isn’t enough for these sexy sadists. Layla puts a stool right next to his body and starts to jump from it on her body – while Jane still crushes his balls under her boots!

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        We go into public at a Fetish club w/Miami Mean Girls owner to find some new Girls to see if They like walking on a guy.

        We found some spikey heels, a little Asian Girl jumping on nuts w/Ugg boots & a Girl giggling at taking $20-per-kick from the kneeling slave. Watch out for more clips like this…

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        Danielle called round her real life Admin Bitch and is incredibly pissed off at his recent slacking. It is not only time for permanent chastity, it is also time that HE is completely broken down into a fully subservient SHE. The new Maid is kicked, spanked, slapped and spat on. It does not take long for this absolute Goddess to adjust his mind to this new way of life!

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