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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        Mistress Melena is your Fetish Mistress.

        She likes her boots very well but she dont like it when they are dirty.

        So she ordered you to lick her boots. Lick all the dirt and swallow it.

        Suck them and be a good bootslave for this russian mistress !!!

        Lick her feet now

        Princess Melena has also her own website: Princess-Melena.com

        From now on you are Princess Jennys Footslave.

        Jenny enjoys it to see when you lick her dirty boots.

        Shes the perfect Femdom Mistress for you and whil transform you to a perfect bootlicker !!!

        Click here to lick her dirty boots!

        More Footfetish also at her Website


        You still remember “accidentally candy crush”? (if you do not scroll down and get the clip) This clip was directly made afterwards. During the candy crushing my boots got full of mud mixed up with some chocolate. Now my slave has to clean my dirty boots, especially the soles with his tongue. To be sure he does a good job I pinch his hands under my chair. After my boots are clean I make him smell my dirty socks (they had been worn in my boots all day) and I even put my socks into his mouth. At the end he has to lick my sweaty feet and to have some more fun I kick his face. 1280×720 HD

        Download Video

        Time to trample ?? I trample my slave under my high heel boots. You will see the clip through the eyes of my slave. That means from floor view. That’s where you belong…down on the dirty floor. 1280×720 HD

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