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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        Holy Fuck! Cassandra hits another level of humiliation with this clip! That was a long and crazy night downtown so she was really in a mood to abuse her slave! She makes him lick and clean the bottom of her shoes with his tongue after dancing all night long! Make sure you lick all the dirt stupid! She also takes her shoes off to give him a taste of her sweaty feet! She makes him lick the inside of her shoes with his filthy tongue! Cassandra also smother his face with her sweaty feet to just to show him how stinky they are! What a Bad Girl! She also forces him to lick and clean all the dirt at the bottom of her soles! She makes him suck her toes in a doggy style position to make sure her dirty feet are now perfectly cleaned! Cassandra’s at her best!

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        Holy Fuck! Here is another hot and amazing clip with your favorite Dreamgirl! Does she really needs an introduction? Cassandra makes fun at you again in this clip where she teases you with her sexy shoes! She makes you lick the bottom before she gives you the honor to take them off! Don’t you wish you could smell my nyloned feet after sweating all long day in my shoes? Cassandra also forces you to take a deep breathe in her shoe before she completely cover your face with her nyloned feet! She rubs them all over your face and ask some questions about your fetish! Cassandra’s at her best!

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