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        Danielle takes great pleasure and amusement in showing all the pin-dicked sissies drooling behind their computer screen, what she enjoys doing with a REAL cock. Unfortunately for you, you were born with a Peter Pan dick (that never grew beyond childhood) and she completely humiliates and emasculates you by showing what you could never have!!!

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        Danielle called round her real life Admin Bitch and is incredibly pissed off at his recent slacking. It is not only time for permanent chastity, it is also time that HE is completely broken down into a fully subservient SHE. The new Maid is kicked, spanked, slapped and spat on. It does not take long for this absolute Goddess to adjust his mind to this new way of life!

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        This is your lucky day dork! After spending an hour and a half in the hotel gym drooling over Danielle (mixed in with some feeble attempts to lift some girly-sized weights), she has invited you back up to her suite. Too good to be true, right? Right… She does however, force you to sniff everywhere, like the complete freak you are and takes great amusement in what it does to your little pecker!

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