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        Holy Fuck! Here’s Another Level of Humiliation to Discover with Princess Britney! It seems like she knows how to take care of her trone at Dreamgirls in Socks! She shows you again her Incredible Diabolic Side in Public! She was expecting to shop with his Credit Card that day but it looks like her slave didn’t show off! She went for a Jogging Session in a Park Downtown then she catches him sitting on a bench! She was so pissed off to realize that he’s relaxing outside on a Sunny Day! She brings that Rejected Object on a Secret Spot to take care of him! He’ll have the Punishment of his Life!

        Princess Britney takes pleasure to humiliate him after a Long Jogging Session with her Filthy Converse! She takes them off to smother his face with her Sweaty, Stinky Socks! She makes him take some Deep Breathe in her Socks right after that Intense Jogging! What a Humiliation! She makes him lick the Sweat on her socks! She spits a couple of times on his face and his mouth to make sure he have enough spit to clean her feet! She takes her socks off to take a bath in his mouth with her toes! Lick all that Dirt Loser!

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        Damn! It seems like Mikaila really knows how to control and manipulate this loser for now! She doesn’t want her slave to move or complain about her smelly feet so she sits on him to rest rest her sweaty tired feet over his face! She makes him take her boots off after a long day in her feet to smother his face with her sweaty black socks! Don’t they stink? Mikaila really makes fun at him and makes him lick her dirty socks while exchanging sms messages with her friends! She also makes him takes her socks off to smother his face really bad with her smelly barefeet! She makes him lick the bottom of her soles and suck her toes as a good little bitch! This little angel is really a little devil! Devilish Angel? Mikaila’s at her best!

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