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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        Mistress Lilu likes to punish this stupid loser now!

        The slave crawls on all fours in fron of the mistress and she starts to slap hard in his face now!

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        Here is the next clip of beautiful pinupstyle mistress melena. this harsh virtual domination clip is simple. YOU are sitting on a chair, maybe bounded tight so YOU cant escape. miss melena is in front of YOU rubbing and flexing her well shaped fingers and hands to warm them up a lil bit… next she is going to touch YOUR cheeks softly, but the sadistic grin in her smile announces to YOU that it wont go on that soft… and then the first slap will come…miss melena raises her arm as high as she can and then smash it against YOUR face… pretty “funny” is the expression next in her beautiful face….did that hurt it says…and YOU may think…of course YOU bitch… but its only the beginning…more serious severe fullswing faceslaps will bring YOUR brain to see stars… and to make everyhting more worse and effective she will put on leather gloves and go on with banging YOUR ugly face! no talking in this clip… just YOU, a terrific mistress and stars in YOUR brain…:) EXCELLENT CLIP!!!! clip duration: 4.17 mins.

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