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        Princess Kate is a real Mistress! She likes female domination and loves masturbation instructions and all kind of femdom!

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        Mistress July loves female domination.

        She wears a really tight jeans and now she wants to sit on her slaves face!

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        2 Femdom Fetish Mistresses wants to degradet and humiliate her slave. Saskia and Emely forced him to be a human furniture. They have much fun while degrading him and laughing about the slave.

        These 2 hot young mistresses are totaly dominant and enjoy the situation to humiliate the slave.

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        Now your dick belongs to me – and only me – for the next 7 days! You’ll jerk it for me. I’ll give you exact instructions how, where and when! The next 7 days you’re just going to jerk off like I want it … you’ll only jerk for me – your mistress. So come on – let’s get started!

        Bitchtress Sexy Amy

        New month, new dominant lady! we are very proud to present you an absolut gorgeous looking new lady to our store here: MISS MELENA! dark haired and with a phantastic figure she is a real lady every slave would dream about… and in this first clip this is pretty well emphased by a dominant dress. she is wearing a black leather bra, white riding trousers, leather gloves and dominant high heel leather boots. she is also armed with our heavy bullwhip and she really enjoys this piece of pain very very much as you can watch in that clip. she is very playful with it when running the tail through her gloved hands, but also give it some nice cracks… to demonstrate YOU her power she will slam the whip to the wall while smiling at YOU! this is a very very aesthetic and beautiful new movie to our store and it is filmed and presented to you in HD!

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        Im Back !!!!Yes Im back to take what I own- your SOUL!!! I am Hypnoric Villainess and soon, very soon I will control this WORLD!!! I will have this world into my hands after your will sell you soul,I need 100 souls and The World will be mine!!!you will sacrifice your soul and become MINE forever.Fallow my hypnotic voice & body and BECOME MINE. sell you soul to me and THE WORD IS MINE !!!………………………………………………………………………………FEMALE DOMINATION*FEMDOM FETISH*POWERFUL WOMAN*HYPNO-ROBO*GOTHIC*VYNIL-PVC FETISH*ASS WORSHIP

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        I have a lot of fun torturing my slave. It starts with some ballbusting and whipping. Then I trample my slave under my 5 inch heels. I step on his cock, hands, stomach and even his head.

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        Holy Fuck! Cassandra hits another level of humiliation with this clip! That was a long and crazy night downtown so she was really in a mood to abuse her slave! She makes him lick and clean the bottom of her shoes with his tongue after dancing all night long! Make sure you lick all the dirt stupid! She also takes her shoes off to give him a taste of her sweaty feet! She makes him lick the inside of her shoes with his filthy tongue! Cassandra also smother his face with her sweaty feet to just to show him how stinky they are! What a Bad Girl! She also forces him to lick and clean all the dirt at the bottom of her soles! She makes him suck her toes in a doggy style position to make sure her dirty feet are now perfectly cleaned! Cassandra’s at her best!

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