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        Mistress Melena is your Fetish Mistress.

        She likes her boots very well but she dont like it when they are dirty.

        So she ordered you to lick her boots. Lick all the dirt and swallow it.

        Suck them and be a good bootslave for this russian mistress !!!

        Lick her feet now

        Princess Melena has also her own website: Princess-Melena.com

        Are you ready for female domination and footfetish ?

        Mistress Mercedes likes when you sniff her dirty stinky feet.

        Look at her slave. Its a loser or ? He must sniff her stinky feet and worship her feet a long time.

        Mercedes from Sado-Girls Femdom

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        Killed under Feet by a Dancer July Diamond, an erotic actress and erotic dancer will crush you under her dancing shoes, high heels and under her bare dominant feet. Her feet will be the last thing you see… get ready. HD Clip

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        Hopefully after this more gorgeous, evil Goddesses will come to have Their dirty feet licked since 21 year-olds Stephani & Sashi said They plan on telling everyone about this. Even Stephani’s boyfriend was shocked at how much They dug Their barefeet into the mud. We thought They’d get them slightly dirty since that would’ve been humiliating enough, but These Girls went all out. By far the dirtiest & messiest foot humiliation scene in this store, with lots of laughing & verbal humiliation! Note: Only download if you’re into extreme humiliation.

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        Holy Fuck! Cassandra hits another level of humiliation with this clip! That was a long and crazy night downtown so she was really in a mood to abuse her slave! She makes him lick and clean the bottom of her shoes with his tongue after dancing all night long! Make sure you lick all the dirt stupid! She also takes her shoes off to give him a taste of her sweaty feet! She makes him lick the inside of her shoes with his filthy tongue! Cassandra also smother his face with her sweaty feet to just to show him how stinky they are! What a Bad Girl! She also forces him to lick and clean all the dirt at the bottom of her soles! She makes him suck her toes in a doggy style position to make sure her dirty feet are now perfectly cleaned! Cassandra’s at her best!

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        We go into public at a Fetish club w/Miami Mean Girls owner to find some new Girls to see if They like walking on a guy.

        We found some spikey heels, a little Asian Girl jumping on nuts w/Ugg boots & a Girl giggling at taking $20-per-kick from the kneeling slave. Watch out for more clips like this…

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