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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        Goddess Danielle HATES tiny willies… Bad news for you then loser! She addresses you to discuss your manhood problems and suggests they are the primary reason you are a clip buying, pillow humping, geeky, little virgin. Watch as she tramples a similar sized man-clit, as soon it will be yours!

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        What other possible activity could a nerdy little dork like you be doing down the gym, other than perving on hot women? Worse, you are not just a regular perv, you’re a foot perv, who gets a stiff willy just at the thought of sweaty, smelly gym socks. Trouble is loser, Lucy knows it. And even though you knew an invite back to hers had to be too good to be true, you couldn’t say no. So on your knees foot freak, Lucy is going to explain how your life is going to work from now on…

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