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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        Forced by two mistresses to lick her dirty shoes and heels and then as a punishment the girls kicking hard in the slaves face!

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        Amber Leigh is having a cocksucking party tonight for all her gay friends. She’s told them all about you, her submissive little sissy-girl wannabe, and they’re all looking forward to meeting you. Amber has no intention of being nice and sweet about this, she has no desire to gently lure you into coming to terms with your unfortunate situation, oh no! Amber wants to force you. She wants to frighten you with every tiny detail of your forthcoming ordeal. She explains in the nastiest cruelest possible way just how you’re going to be used, facefucked, assfucked, humiliated and degraded by all of her gay friends. She tells you how you have no choice in the matter. This is going to be a FORCED cocksucking party. A FORCED cum eating party. A FORCED Bi party. X Amber Leigh x

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        OMG…I am still getting used to this “owning a slave” thing, but this is rediculous…I left My slave over in the cornerearly in the day, and when I come back THREE HOURS LATER- he’s still laying there!! How PATHETIC! So I decided to make a video out of it and called my GF Jasmyn over to help me abuse him. I am really starting to think of him literally as “human scum”- just something for Me to abuse and make $$$ off his suffering. So we trample the out of him- I even hop up and down on him- IN MY STILETTO HEELS!!! We both do, actually- at the same time! LOL. Then we make him crawl around on the floor & kiss our feet as we walk around. (This motherfucker just does WHATEVER we tell him to do!) And then we finish off by taking turns kicking him as hard as we can in the balls!! ?? I honestly don’t know what’s more fun- beating the out of him myself or watching Jazzy do it! LOL! He even dared to mention to Me later that he thought My heel punctured thru his groin when I was standing on him in my stilettos early on in the video- and I just think it’s HILARIOUS!! LOL! I mean, if this loser is so stupid to obey My every command and let Me walk all over him (literally!) than he DESERVES it!

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        ‘Tis the season for Financial Domination by greedy Goddesses who always get what They want. Lena Nicole lets you drool over Her AMAZING ass & smooth bare soles, then gives Her email adddress so you can send Her lots of gifts. You won’t get sh*t in return, of course….but She’ll be happy!

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        One big car is crushed and stomped in pieces under the mules of Julie and Mariah.

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        Time to trample ?? I trample my slave under my high heel boots. You will see the clip through the eyes of my slave. That means from floor view. That’s where you belong…down on the dirty floor.

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        First growth ever for Giantess Gloria,and she is going for rampage!Smashing,crushing,trampling,eating,licking,she is creating a panick on the streets… SPECIAL SOUND EFFECTS,BUILDING DESTRUCTION,HEEL RAMPAGE,BUTT CRUSH,VORE SCENES,HIGH HEELS TRAMPLE,HAND CRUSH,UPSKIRT VIEWS

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