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        Your penis is so small! Mistress Bella Park knows that you cant fuck with this small little thing you have! This is not a normal dick, this is more like a clit! You are a shame and fucking useless!

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        Princess Melena forced you to suck her strap-on dick. She likes this kind of domination and humiliation and forced bi-training. Maybe in future you have to suck real cocks, so its the best training to start now with Princess Melena.

        Take the strap-on deep in your mouth for your russian mistress!

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        Mistress Melena is your Fetish Mistress.

        She likes her boots very well but she dont like it when they are dirty.

        So she ordered you to lick her boots. Lick all the dirt and swallow it.

        Suck them and be a good bootslave for this russian mistress !!!

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        2 Femdom Fetish Mistresses wants to degradet and humiliate her slave. Saskia and Emely forced him to be a human furniture. They have much fun while degrading him and laughing about the slave.

        These 2 hot young mistresses are totaly dominant and enjoy the situation to humiliate the slave.

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        From now on you are Princess Jennys Footslave.

        Jenny enjoys it to see when you lick her dirty boots.

        Shes the perfect Femdom Mistress for you and whil transform you to a perfect bootlicker !!!

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        Now your dick belongs to me – and only me – for the next 7 days! You’ll jerk it for me. I’ll give you exact instructions how, where and when! The next 7 days you’re just going to jerk off like I want it … you’ll only jerk for me – your mistress. So come on – let’s get started!

        Bitchtress Sexy Amy

        Time to do some workout – for both me and the slave – haha! I’m jumping high and landing right on his body every time. He already screams in pain before I decide to take his pain and punishment to a new level – by dropping my hot ass right on his face! I really love to work out this way – my slave – not so much haha!

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