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        Worship her sexy ass. Do you know fetish girl Jenny ?

        She loves her tight ass and sexy tits so you have to worship her.

        What do you think ?

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        Meet Goddess Alyssa’s sister Ariana. She’s a total BITCH!

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        First growth ever for Giantess Gloria,and she is going for rampage!Smashing,crushing,trampling,eating,licking,she is creating a panick on the streets… SPECIAL SOUND EFFECTS,BUILDING DESTRUCTION,HEEL RAMPAGE,BUTT CRUSH,VORE SCENES,HIGH HEELS TRAMPLE,HAND CRUSH,UPSKIRT VIEWS

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        You still remember “accidentally candy crush”? (if you do not scroll down and get the clip) This clip was directly made afterwards. During the candy crushing my boots got full of mud mixed up with some chocolate. Now my slave has to clean my dirty boots, especially the soles with his tongue. To be sure he does a good job I pinch his hands under my chair. After my boots are clean I make him smell my dirty socks (they had been worn in my boots all day) and I even put my socks into his mouth. At the end he has to lick my sweaty feet and to have some more fun I kick his face. 1280×720 HD

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        In the middle of the park i’ll order you to be my ass cushion. Wearing my skin-tight jeans I’ll flatten your face and you’ll just be my seating cushion which I can use whenever I want. How ridiculous you look!

        (Original Princess-Jenny Video “Rank 2” only for my personal paypigs)

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        Svenja takes advantage of being the boss. This new trainee will endure her punishment – or he’ll have to look for a new job. While she gets comfy and smokes a cigarette the trainee will be her seating cushion. He should’ve thought about that before starting the training. Now he has to endure it and he can be sure that Svenja will use him as her seatpad regularly. From now on that’s part of his job training!

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        Ass – Jerk off instruction

        As your mistress I decide that you’ll jerk your tiny dick today. But not just jerk it – you’ll watch my sexy ass while you do it. You’ll completely concentrate on my ass and without looking at it you’ll not be allowed to cum! But wait – i’ve to get a glass for you before you start. We’ll do something special today. So come on – you’ll do what I want and I guarantee that we’ll have a lot of fun – well, me at least – because I know that’ll cross your limits for me!

        (Original Princess-Jenny Clip “Rank 1” only for my personal money slaves)

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