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        Princess G is your new mistress and you are totaly addicted to her leather body suit and Casadei boots! You can smell the leather?

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        Amber Leigh is having a cocksucking party tonight for all her gay friends. She’s told them all about you, her submissive little sissy-girl wannabe, and they’re all looking forward to meeting you. Amber has no intention of being nice and sweet about this, she has no desire to gently lure you into coming to terms with your unfortunate situation, oh no! Amber wants to force you. She wants to frighten you with every tiny detail of your forthcoming ordeal. She explains in the nastiest cruelest possible way just how you’re going to be used, facefucked, assfucked, humiliated and degraded by all of her gay friends. She tells you how you have no choice in the matter. This is going to be a FORCED cocksucking party. A FORCED cum eating party. A FORCED Bi party. X Amber Leigh x

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        Its time for a hot and risky public jerk off instruction little wanker. Come on – You are here to do what i want and amuse your mistress in every single way you can… You need your car, a picture from my latest gallery and now listen and follow my instructions!

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