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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        I’m wearing my brand new tight white trousers for this session and I want to test out a few new games on my tablet while sitting on my bound slave’s body and face. He gets smothered under my ass while I enjoy the games and completely ignore this fucker under my butt.

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        Time to do some workout – for both me and the slave – haha! I’m jumping high and landing right on his body every time. He already screams in pain before I decide to take his pain and punishment to a new level – by dropping my hot ass right on his face! I really love to work out this way – my slave – not so much haha!

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        After a long night me and my girlfriend want to have some fun by humiliating my slave a little bit. So we take him into her car and I get on the backseat with him while she’s filming us from the front. I’m binding his hands with a rope before I put my sneakers on his face and force him to kiss and lick them. He also smells my socks and kisses my feet while we’re just laughing about this pathetic bitch.

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