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        Melissa can’t believe you just spent ?2,000 on her. When you came up to her in the club and said she deserved to be treated like a Princess, you weren’t joking were you! See, the thing is though, is that she has no intention of ever, ever being with you in that way… I mean, lets face it, you’re pretty repulsive aren’t you! She felt embarrased even being seen in public with you. So if you want to spend money on her again, you’re going to have to spend more (and walk like 10 yards behind her at all times!!!) Oh and the closest you’re going to get to sex with Melissa, is being allowed to rub her sweaty feet after shopping! You’re not her Sugar Daddy, you’re her little pay pig LOSER!

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        Thats all your good for old man…. your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Why else do you think a hot, seductive, blonde like myself would talk to you??? You buy Me everything I want, whenever I want. Working your whole entire life to give it all to Me!

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