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      1. Female Domination – The Femdom Mistress

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        OMG…I am still getting used to this “owning a slave” thing, but this is rediculous…I left My slave over in the cornerearly in the day, and when I come back THREE HOURS LATER- he’s still laying there!! How PATHETIC! So I decided to make a video out of it and called my GF Jasmyn over to help me abuse him. I am really starting to think of him literally as “human scum”- just something for Me to abuse and make $$$ off his suffering. So we trample the out of him- I even hop up and down on him- IN MY STILETTO HEELS!!! We both do, actually- at the same time! LOL. Then we make him crawl around on the floor & kiss our feet as we walk around. (This motherfucker just does WHATEVER we tell him to do!) And then we finish off by taking turns kicking him as hard as we can in the balls!! ?? I honestly don’t know what’s more fun- beating the out of him myself or watching Jazzy do it! LOL! He even dared to mention to Me later that he thought My heel punctured thru his groin when I was standing on him in my stilettos early on in the video- and I just think it’s HILARIOUS!! LOL! I mean, if this loser is so stupid to obey My every command and let Me walk all over him (literally!) than he DESERVES it!

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        So while my GF Jazzy had the camera, and I had this loser BEGGING like a little bitch to WORSHIP Me, I got to thinking…what ELSE could I make this loser do? How far could I push it? What the hell would he let me DO to him if I wanted to??? How low would this piece of go for me?? How much ABUSE would he take just to be near Me? and how could I entertain myself in the process?? LOL!! I mean, its not every day you have someone THIS pathetic grovelling at your feet- even for a girl as hot as ME! ?? So I decided to entertain myself by…KICKING HIM IN THE BALLS!! LOL!!! Not to mention walking all over him- literally! I mean, I’ve walked all over guys my whole life- but never LITERALLY. LOL! This motherfucker THREW himself at My feet at the snap of My fingers and My GF just walked all over his pathetic body- even jumping up & down on him like a human trampoline at one point! It was SOOO much fun!! ?? We even stomped on his balls!! LOL! At one point I was walking on him in My stiletto heels like he was fucking dirt- I loved it! (That was my favorite part!) We spit in his face, ashed our cigarettes in his mouth, called him names- and no matter how bad I treated him, he just stared up at me like a puppy in love! LOL! I think I could do just about ANYTHING to this loser and he’d still worship Me…

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