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        From now on you are Princess Jennys Footslave.

        Jenny enjoys it to see when you lick her dirty boots.

        Shes the perfect Femdom Mistress for you and whil transform you to a perfect bootlicker !!!

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        In the middle of the park i’ll order you to be my ass cushion. Wearing my skin-tight jeans I’ll flatten your face and you’ll just be my seating cushion which I can use whenever I want. How ridiculous you look!

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        Ass – Jerk off instruction

        As your mistress I decide that you’ll jerk your tiny dick today. But not just jerk it – you’ll watch my sexy ass while you do it. You’ll completely concentrate on my ass and without looking at it you’ll not be allowed to cum! But wait – i’ve to get a glass for you before you start. We’ll do something special today. So come on – you’ll do what I want and I guarantee that we’ll have a lot of fun – well, me at least – because I know that’ll cross your limits for me!

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