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        You was born as a slave so you have to obey a Mistress! You have to obey Mistress Amanda Rey! She is your spanish temptation! She is the women you have to serve for the rest of your life!

        Obey Amanda Rey

        Mistress Amanda Rey likes it to fuck your brain!

        You will jerk off your dick very hard for Amanda but she will really fuck your brain on a hyptnotic way!

        Your way to be her pay pig and slave!

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        Now your dick belongs to me – and only me – for the next 7 days! You’ll jerk it for me. I’ll give you exact instructions how, where and when! The next 7 days you’re just going to jerk off like I want it … you’ll only jerk for me – your mistress. So come on – let’s get started!

        Bitchtress Sexy Amy

        This clip is for all you ballbusting lovers that enjoy seeing HOT girls kicking guys in the nuts WITH the Pants left on & also for those people in countries that don’t allow nudity – ENJOY!!.. This is a small compilation made from some different scenes… FIRST Megan & Angelina kick + knee this poor loser’s nuts to a total pulp!!.. Both Goddesses are wearing some SEXY platform wedges & Angelina kicks him in the balls so MANY times in a Row – You’ll wonder IF he has Anything even left between his legs!!!.. Then Megan & Summer SMASH his scrotum beyond repair!!.. Summer seems to really enjoy using those long SEXY Legs of hers – slamming her HARD knee into his nuts at Full Force while Megan seems to really enjoy scrambling his eggs with her SEXY platform wedges & kicks him square in the gonads as HARD as she can!!!.. In the Last Scene – Check out the SUPER SEXY strappy high heel sandals that Goddess Paige is wearing!!.. Paige kicks him right in the nuts so HARD with them!!!.. Sometimes she EVEN catches his nads with her sharp high heel – Paige practically neuters his nuts with her sexy high heel sandals!!!

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        OMG…I am still getting used to this “owning a slave” thing, but this is rediculous…I left My slave over in the cornerearly in the day, and when I come back THREE HOURS LATER- he’s still laying there!! How PATHETIC! So I decided to make a video out of it and called my GF Jasmyn over to help me abuse him. I am really starting to think of him literally as “human scum”- just something for Me to abuse and make $$$ off his suffering. So we trample the out of him- I even hop up and down on him- IN MY STILETTO HEELS!!! We both do, actually- at the same time! LOL. Then we make him crawl around on the floor & kiss our feet as we walk around. (This motherfucker just does WHATEVER we tell him to do!) And then we finish off by taking turns kicking him as hard as we can in the balls!! ?? I honestly don’t know what’s more fun- beating the out of him myself or watching Jazzy do it! LOL! He even dared to mention to Me later that he thought My heel punctured thru his groin when I was standing on him in my stilettos early on in the video- and I just think it’s HILARIOUS!! LOL! I mean, if this loser is so stupid to obey My every command and let Me walk all over him (literally!) than he DESERVES it!

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        Hopefully after this more gorgeous, evil Goddesses will come to have Their dirty feet licked since 21 year-olds Stephani & Sashi said They plan on telling everyone about this. Even Stephani’s boyfriend was shocked at how much They dug Their barefeet into the mud. We thought They’d get them slightly dirty since that would’ve been humiliating enough, but These Girls went all out. By far the dirtiest & messiest foot humiliation scene in this store, with lots of laughing & verbal humiliation! Note: Only download if you’re into extreme humiliation.

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        Aleks FETISH FIGHT SESSIONS… cool facesitting, straddling and FOOTFETISH parts inside…. have a look

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