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        Our owngrowing variety of different beautiful dominant ladies is continuing with next new mistress we are glad to present you: cold angel. she is already experienced in many forms of bdsm and she likes this very very much.. in this first clip she starts with allowing YOU to have a look at her perfect muscular body while she is wearing a sexy red corset and shiny black boots…but study not too long…YOUR new mistress has something different in mind for YOU today: PUNISHMENT! and although its not an easy task to stripe YOUR backside with a bullwhip in closed rooms she wants to… so out comes our most painful instrument in our collection: a swishy and very painful black bullwhip… YOU will be in total pain of this one but she has not finished yet… to make all even more worse she chooses a cat o nine tail in the second half and will whip over YOUR already damaged flesh…what a bitch… very great new femdomPOV-style clip with a superbe looking new mistress!!! clip duration: 6.34 mins.

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        New month, new dominant lady! we are very proud to present you an absolut gorgeous looking new lady to our store here: MISS MELENA! dark haired and with a phantastic figure she is a real lady every slave would dream about… and in this first clip this is pretty well emphased by a dominant dress. she is wearing a black leather bra, white riding trousers, leather gloves and dominant high heel leather boots. she is also armed with our heavy bullwhip and she really enjoys this piece of pain very very much as you can watch in that clip. she is very playful with it when running the tail through her gloved hands, but also give it some nice cracks… to demonstrate YOU her power she will slam the whip to the wall while smiling at YOU! this is a very very aesthetic and beautiful new movie to our store and it is filmed and presented to you in HD!

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